Theft Reporter Registrar

Use the form below to start a theft report. Once submitted, you will receive an access link at the email address you provide. The access link provided is the only way you will be able to launch the reporter. If you lose the link, after starting your post, search for your listing then use the "Report Found" button to resend the access link.

 You must first file a theft report with your local law enforcement agency before registering. Additionally, only bicycles with a serial number stamped into its frame can be verified. Bicycles that do not have a serial number can still be listed but, they can only appear as "Pending Verification."

Microsoft's,,, or email accounts are not supported and cannot be used to signup.

Once your report is added to the registry, you will receive access to update its status at the time anyone contacts you, or you may contact yourself using the Report Found button located on the bicycle's profile page.