Realtime Theft Alerts

The National Bicycle Theft Registry uses email and SMS text communications to network our users and send theft alerts when bicycles are stolen.  The following conditions are the only time NBTR sends email:

  • Registered Users
    1. When anyone registers to file a report, we send a verification link to their inbox.
    2. After publishing a report, we send monthly status updates.
    3. Whenever anyone wants to contact you, we send notification along with a copy of the request.
    4. When a bicycle is located, we send the owner notification along with the contact information needed to recover the bicycle.
    5. Whenever anyone in your area reports a stolen bicycle, we send an alert to all subscribers within your postal code zone.
  • Theft Alerts

    Anyone can signup to receive theft alerts. Subscribers only receive messages when bicycles are reported as being stolen within their postal zone.

    1. When you register to subscribe, we send a verification link to your email inbox and/or SMS messenger.
    2. Whenever there is a bicycle theft reported in your area, we send an alert to your inbox and/or SMS messenger.

SPAM Prevention

NBTR only sends email in response to user requests. The National Bicycle Theft Registry will never send unsolicited email or email containing advertising from third parties. Each email notification sent also contains a link where you can manage your notification settings.

Abuse Prevention

If you are receiving unsolicited email from NBTR, you can easily stop all email using the link provided at the bottom of each message sent. This will prevent the system from sending messages to your inbox and/or text messenger.